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Outstanding absorption, vegan, environmentally friendly and better taste. Sustainably farmed makes it clean without ocean pollution. Better for you and better for the ocean life.
Get your World-Class Omega 3 from HealthPassionClub now.

Save the ocean environment

Save the Ocean Environment

Free from ocean pollution

Free from Ocean Pollution

Better Taste, Better Smell

Better Taste Better Smell
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1. Vegan Omega 3
Rich in Omega 3 is a 100% Vegan product. We care about nature, so we’re happy to say that our supplement is completely vegan. People on a vegan or plant-based diet are limited in their ability to get fatty acids from their food. Rich in Omega 3 solves this and provides extra clean, Vegan Omega 3.
This way you are able to get needful fatty acids for your organism with the help of fish-free Rich in Omega 3. The absolutely vegan supplement in the form of softgels with the algal-oil active agents is at your disposal.


2. Free From Ocean Pollution
Normally, Omega 3 is extracted from the liver of marine fish, which, in turn, get it from the algae. We skip the middle link (the fish) to ensure total control of the production process. Before being caught, the fish spends several years in the ocean. It can eat hazardous waste, live in polluted waters, and accumulate toxins in the body. Therefore, the extraction of fatty acids from marine fish is quite risky. Instead, we use first-class algae grown in a controlled environment and that keeps our Omega 3 extra clean, and free from ocean pollution.
The risk of sensitivity reactions is excluded because all the components are clean from ocean pollution.


3. Save the Ocean Environment
We truly care about nature. By refusing to extract fatty acids from fish, we reduce commercial fishing. More than 25% of fish is caught for the production of fish oil. Instead, Rich in Omega 3 helps to save entire populations of fish since we use Omega 3 from algae. You can become part of the powerful global environmental movement by using Omega 3 from algae instead of fish. Remember, not a single fish was harmed or killed in the production of our product.
The marine ecosystem suffers from over-fishing, and our supplement prevents ecological disruption when it comes to the ocean environment!


4. Better Taste, Better Smell
We love our customers and always try to make their lives better. We use modern technologies to produce our supplement and we’ve chosen the best possible option for serving it. Rich in Omega 3 is served in jelly granules with no specific taste or odor (unlike fish oil which can smell and taste). Our Omega 3 won’t cause any inconvenience while taking – and it’s easy to store!
This supplement is presented in the form of compact softgels without fish oil taste and odor. Intake Omega 3 product regularly without discomfort – the good flavor and a convenient container for jelly granules to take them even on the go.


5. Made From The Source. Not From Fish
Rich in Omega 3 is an innovative food supplement inspired by nature. Made of natural ingredients it is designed to change your life for the better. Unlike the other Omega 3 additives, we produce Rich in Omega 3 from algae, a natural source of fatty acids. It has similar health benefits to fish oil but without the fish. Our algae are grown on an eco-farm under careful supervision. This is the only way to achieve amazing product cleanliness.
Order the vegan supplement with its fish-free fatty acids and plant-based active ingredients. It is the most optimal alternative to fish oil – only vegan components that bring the same effect as the fishy ones.


6. Algae Oil vs. Fish Oil
Fish oil also contains ocean pollution. Our algae omega-3 is free from it. Fish oil also uses 25% of all fish caught in the world. When our customers use Health Passion Club Omega 3 they save the ocean life – it’s that simple.
If you are searching for a 100% green product with useful components, this is the best eco-friendly solution. The algae-oil supplement is suitable for everyone because it causes no allergic reaction from fish intolerance.


7. Algae Oil vs. Flaxseeds
Algae omega-3 is easier for the body to absorb than omega-3 from flax seeds. In comparison with fishy supplements, our Omega 3 is notable with its high sensitivity tolerance and ocean pollution-free components. Purchase a new-era green product with a high content of algae oil and vegan active agents to substitute the fishy supplement you get used to intaking.


DHA: 300 mg
EPA: 150 mg
Other Omegas: 250 mg


Omega-3 fatty acids (from Algal oil, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), Algal oil (which contains high oleic sunflower oil, rosmary extract antioxidants (tocopherols and ascorbyl palmitate)), Glycerin (from Palm oil), Sorbitol, Carrageenan, Purified water, Beta carotene, and Caramel color.


Fish, Wheat, Gluten, Crustaceans, Eggs, Nuts, Dairy, Animal products, Heavy metals, Microbes, and GMOs.


A dry, dark, and if possible, cool place like the fridge.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for healthy food or varied diet. Always seek professional advice before taking dietary supplements, particularly if pregnant or breastfeeding.


60 softgels per bottle.


Recommended usage
Use 1-2 softgels per day, before a meal, with a glass of water.
30 days usage.