Frequently Asked Questions

Since we launched our brand, we have had a lot of feedback from our customers and from other people who are interested in knowing more about omega-3 and how our product is different. One of the most frequently asked questions is simply: what is omega-3? It is an essential fatty acid that the human body does not produce naturally so we have to supplement it through our diets. We get asked about the types of omega-3, which are EPA, DHA, and ALA and we explain how they are not all equally useful to the body. We get asked how algae-based omega-3 is superior and we always take pride in explaining how our product is fish-free and 100% vegan friendly and how using farmed algae is more environmentally friendly than getting omega 3 from fish. We discuss how algal omega-3 is superior to omega-3 from other plants such as flax seeds and we always welcome more questions to help us keep our community informed.


Question:        Why should I get omega-3s from algae and not from fish oil?

Answer:          There are naturally many plant-based sources of omega-3, algae being the biggest. This alga makes up a large part of the diet of most species of fish hence why fish are very high in omega-3. By consuming omega-3 straight from algae, it boosts your levels of the fatty acid straight from the natural source, which is free from chemical pollutants typically found in fish such as PCBs, dioxins, and heavy metals. Harvesting algae is also more environmentally friendly than fishing. Algae provide a clean and untarnished omega-3 product with the added benefit of it being entirely plant-based to suit any dietary restrictions.

Question:       What are the different types of omega-3s?

Answer:          EPA, DHA, and ALA are the main forms of omega-3 fatty acids used by the body. The most important ones are EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), and they occur naturally in marine flora such as algae and seaweed, which can be turned into algae oil supplements. They can also be obtained from the fish and other aquatic animals that feed off of these marine plants and be taken in supplemental form from fish and seafood products such as fish and krill oil. The third kind ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) is an incomplete fatty acid and needs to be converted after consumption into EPA and DHA before it can be useful to the body. It is made by land-based plant life and is found in its highest quantities in hemp and chia seeds, walnuts, and flaxseed oil among others. Due to genetic and dietary factors, it’s not always possible to fully convert ALA omega-3 into its more useful forms. (See the following answer for details)

Question:        I am vegetarian/vegan. Why do I need omega-3s from algae when I eat flaxseed oil or chia seeds that also contain plant-based omega-3?

Answer:          Flaxseed oil, chia seeds, and other such sources of omega-3 are all from land-based plants that produce a form of omega-3 (ALA) which the body cannot fully utilize. when consumed, this one with omega-3 has to be converted into either EPA or DHA which are the types of omega-3 that are most useful to the body. While ALA is beneficial for maintaining a healthy omega-6/ omega-3 balance, it is not efficient for other uses. Its rate of conversion into EPA and DHA is very small, about only 5 percent, which is insufficient for the body. In order to consume a sufficient level of omega-3, it’s important for vegetarians or vegans to supplement their omega-3 from other plant-based sources that provide EPA and DHA, and algae are the best source of these omega-3s.

Question:      What are the health benefits of omega-3 EPA and DHA?

Answer:         EPA and DHA omega-3 have such a wide variety of uses in the body that it is extremely difficult to compile a conclusive list to showcase all of them. They have benefits in so many areas of our health, it is more accurate to say that they are necessary for the good health and maintenance of so many functions of the body. Their benefits are well known in the fitness and athletic communities as well as to other people who follow any type of high-performance diet. There is a reason they are known as essential fatty acids. organizations such as the FDA and world health organizations have endorsed many thousands of studies that prove the usefulness of omega-3 to the improvement of overall health and development of the body. These studies link them with improved cardiovascular health, brain health, vision, and maintenance and repair of joints. it’s important to know that omega-3s are not a miracle cure, but they do promote and maintain healthy bodies and lifestyles.

Question:      Are your products vegan?

Answer:        They are 100% non-GMO, plant-based, and gluten-free, so Yes

Question:      Does your product include sorbitol or carrageenan?

Answer:        They are not present in the algae oil however they are components of the gel capsules. We are working closely with our research team to find better, alternative ingredients for the production of the gel capsule shells

Question:      Do your products contain allergens?

Answer:        Health Passion Club’s omega-3 products do not contain any of the following: nuts, dairy, soy, wheat, yeast, gelatin, sugar, and pollen. They are there to safe for anyone with an allergy-related to the substances listed above. It is always important to consult a medical professional if you are uncertain.

Question:    What are the active ingredients?

Answer:      A special formula of EPA and DHA omega-3s

Question:    What are EPA & DHA? I see them mentioned a lot.

Answer:      They are fatty acids called omega-3s. These are beneficial, good fats which have been linked by research to easing arthritis and slowing down the effects of mental decline as well as decreasing the risk of heart disease. They’ve also been linked to improving the balance of brain chemicals.
They are not produced naturally by the body so we get them from supplements or as part of our diets from plants or animals that have them.

Question:    Are you trying to replace fish and krill oil?

Answer:      We believe in providing an alternative to those who should wish to have it. Our products contain high quantities of omega-3s and we believe that how we source our omega-3s, from algae, is less damaging to the environment and therefore overall more beneficial to us. Our products are designed to be more accessible, this includes people with specific dietary restrictions.

Question:  Do your products contain cholesterol?

Answer:    Yes, our products contain a naturally occurring form of cholesterol, HDL, which is produced by all algae. It is beneficial cholesterol and is popularly consumed from nori seaweed. Our products are still 100% vegan regardless.

Rich in Omega 3 algae supplement

This is a 100% plant-based omega-3 supplement made from algae that have been farm grown under strict conditions to ensure its quality. Rich in omega-3 is fish-free, it can be used by vegans, people with shellfish allergies, or anyone else across the diet spectrum. It is an alternative to traditional fish and shellfish-based omega-3 supplements. It also is free from the polluting chemicals like heavy metals that are now present in the oceans, these chemicals accumulate in the fish and are transferred into our bodies when we consume fish products. Rich in Omega 3 contains a type of omega-3 that is absorbed more efficiently into our bodies compared to the omega-3 from other plant-based sources like flax, chia, and hemp seeds. Our product is available in the form of tasteless and odorless gel capsules that are more pleasant to consume than fish or krill oil. They don’t have the off-putting smell and bad taste that comes with fish and curled-derived oils.

Health Passion Club

We are a brand that produces an alternative omega-3 supplement made from algae and is 100% fish-free. We do believe in improving health at minimal cost to the planet, that is why we are proud of how our product does not contribute to overfishing. Our supplement comes in a gel capsule that is both odorless and tasteless for the convenience of our clients. We aim to make it as pleasant as possible to consume our supplement. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid and should be available to everyone, including people who have dietary restrictions and food allergies, that is why our product is vegan friendly and does not contain any fish. It is also a much cleaner and safer alternative because of how our algae are grown, under closely controlled farm conditions to ensure maximum purity. We created an all-natural supplement that is superior to other plant-based forms of omega-3, one that you can take with a clean conscience and confidence.