If you think that every celebrity’s diet is based on a tireless work of a personal nutritionist or requires enormous financial commitment, you are entirely wrong. Some of the stars simply support the ideas of healthy living and responsibly consume all the necessary elements. You don’t have to restrict yourself on the amount of portions, or to spend days on a hunger strike. Just give your body everything it really needs. Some of the elements we synthesize independently, the others, like Omega 3, have to be ingested. The problem is that you can mainly find Omega 3 in seafood products, like fish or algae and since some of us live far from the ocean, stick to the vegan diet or simply don’t like eating fish – it is necessary to get Omega 3 from the other source. A great choice to avoid lack of this element – is to use a food supplement. And it doesn’t have to be extremely expensive or inaccessible. Still don’t believe? Check out the list of the celebrities who have chosen to consume Omega 3 on the daily basis.

Victoria Beckham is blazing a trail.
No one is ensured from the skin problems, neither do the stars. A fashion designer and a singer Victoria Beckham suffered from acne for many years. She carefully planned her diet which consisted of lettuce, salted spinach and the products rich in healthy fats, like avocado, nuts and seeds. But the real breakthrough was made with the advice of her friend, a dermatologist Dr. G. Lancer. He recommended adding salmon to her daily menu. Since that day, Victoria has started to eat salmon three times per day and after a month she reported about the first results. Her skin looked more smooth and resilient. The doctor explained that this type of fish is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which help to produce and activate collagen. And collagen is supposed to make skin look younger. But who will be able to eat salmon several times a day?

Chrissy Teigen is back on track.
Successful model, happy mother of two and a wife of a famous musician John Legend, is recovering from the pregnancy. Few years ago she experienced postpartum depression and she will never let it happen again. Teigen managed to get over the difficulties of this period with the help of her husband, her therapist and her diet. Proper nutrition was always her very first priority, but new challenges required new arrangements. A newfound mom got herself into eating garlic covered branzino on the daily basis. What exactly made the improvement, we don’t know, but we know this dish contains Omega 3 fatty acids and overall is generally good for health.

Eva Mendes knows how to keep her body irresistible.
A 46-years old American actress looks absolutely amazing. Mendes has been modeling since her first collaboration with the international cosmetics brand Revlon in 2002. And she still has her magic touch. Is it her daily fitness or a strict diet? We think both of them. Eva admitted that she wants to stay sharp as long as possible and keep those natural curves of the body. The actress also doesn’t eat meat. Her diet contains whole grains like brown rice and fish rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Eva loves spicy food and always has a bag of ground pepper.

Mariah Carey will lead you through thick and thin.
A pop diva seems to be taking delight in surprising her fans. She had recently lost 20 kilograms of weight and started to look a lot younger. Since the diets that the singer tried disappointed her, she decided to do the surgery – the so-called sleeve gastrectomy. The result of reducing the volume of the stomach was not immediately noticeable and Carey still had to switch to a high-protein diet. She began to eat more of her favorite “wild” salmon with capers and seafood. Her nutrition consultant recommended eating more products with Omega 3, like chia seeds and egg yolks. But now she is very happy with the result. It became much easier for her to dance on stage during concerts. Not to mention that now she feels much more confident around her 37-year-old lover Tanaka.

Daniel Craig shares the secrets of special agents.
Daniel Craig is a sexy man in his prime with excellent physical fitness. What is his secret? Is the perfect figure the result of exhausting workouts and a tough diet? The actor himself thinks that only proper nutrition and sport could give you back the energy and vitality. Apart from spending hours in the gym, Daniel follows a strict nutrition plan. The idea is to keep his ration as diverse as possible. The diet is based on cereals, lean meat, fish, and various vegetables. This food is not only useful and nutritious, but also quite satisfying for the body. Craig is convinced that at least one meal of the day should contain Omega 3 products. So is it possible to say that our beloved James Bond owes his eternal youth to fatty acids that he consumes every day? Maybe not. But it seems to be an important part of his diet.

Courteney Cox shows her commitment to the ideals of beauty.
The star of “Friends” and “Cougar Town” has been using the services of plastic surgeons to preserve her beauty, but a few years ago, the actress gave up this practice, switching to beauty vitamins. Together with proper nutrition, Courtney uses vitamin supplements-omega-3 and multi-complexes containing vitamins B and D. The passion for various vitamins and supplements is no longer a trend, but sort of a lifestyle. Thanks to her consultants, Cox perfectly combines all the supplements to reach a beauty goal, because incorrectly selected skin care products can neutralize the positive effect of tablets, and making the optimal set of them is almost an art.

Gwyneth Paltrow can be your professional consultant in a healthy nutrition.
Gwyneth Paltrow is not only a famous Hollywood actress, but also an active promoter of a healthy lifestyle. She runs her own “green” website, publishes books and fights for the right to have real organic products on the market. Isn’t she a perfect role model? But not everyone will be able to follow her example. Her 5-days detox diet includes no more than 300 calories per day and doesn’t contain gluten-free cereals, seafood, fatty nuts, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, seasonings, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. So how does she manage to get the essential elements for her body? It is simple – food supplements. She mentions Omega 3 fatty acids among the most significant enzymes in a human’s body. This may be a bit extreme for most people, but Gwyneth says it works.