About Us

     We are a community-oriented company that makes completely plant-based omega-3 products. Our supplements are made from algae, a large group of aquatic plants including seaweed, that fish feed on to obtain their omega-3.

Usually, people harvest this omega-3 from the fish and sell it as a supplement in the form of oil. We don’t do this. Instead, we use farm-grown algae to make our product, so the production of our supplements does not contribute to overfishing. We are aware of the large impact that overfishing has on our oceans, how it destabilizes the ecosystems and how many species of fish are being fished to extinction. We created our product with ocean conservation as one of our goals.

      Health Passion Club’s supplements are a healthier alternative, which is free from heavy metals and chemical pollutants that have been found in fish and seafood-based omega-3 products. They are also free from any bad taste or a bad smell that can be found in fish oil. The supplement is available in the form of jelly granules in a tasteless and odorless coating, which makes them very convenient to take. They are 100% vegan and can be taken by anyone regardless of their diet, convenient to people who are allergic to fish, as they do not contain any traces of any fish.
As the name of our company shows, we are very passionate about health and improving people’s lives, because of this we try to make our product available to the widest variety of people possible so that everyone can benefit from it. Our warehouses are located here in the United States from which we ship our product within the country and across the world. This means you can access our supplements from anywhere, we believe you should be able to get high-quality health products no matter where you live. Many people across the world are becoming more informed about their bodies and what goes into them, they are making positive improvements to their lifestyles.

We created our product to help people like that continue to make healthy lifestyle choices no matter where they are in the world.
For many years the most widely marketed omega-3 sources were fish and krill oils and other fish products, which made them very inaccessible for lifestyle vegans, people with allergies, or those who could not eat fish for other reasons. A lot of people had to rely on other plant-based sources of omega-3 such as flaxseeds, chia, and hemp seeds as well as certain nuts. These sources unfortunately cannot always provide us with a sufficient amount of omega-3. The type of fatty acid they have is not efficiently absorbed by our body. Our algae-based supplement contains a form of omega-3 that is much easier for our bodies to absorb. Is a great option for vegetarians to get the high levels of omega-3 that they need.
    Our brand represents a cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable omega-3 option.

We have worked very hard to create a clean and all-natural product that can be used by anyone conveniently and safely.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the idea of conscious nutrition and life in harmony with nature. Algae-based Omega 3 can do both. We help people to maintain a proper diet without killing any living beings. We support the green movement and people who care about the future of the planet. We think that every animal, bird, and fish matters, and try to do everything possible to keep the environment free from the negative impact of humanity.

Our Story

“We only sell what we can proudly give to our own loved ones”. That’s the quality standard we keep at HealthPassionClub. Everybody in our team uses our products and it’s important to us that we only recommend products we use at home, for our own health.

The production of Omega 3

Every step of the production of our Omega 3 is controlled – from growing the algae to packing the box – so you can be 100% sure that our Omega 3 is safe and clean from ocean pollution. Our Omega 3 is grown on farms, on land, it is NOT from the ocean, which guarantees that it has no ocean pollution in it.

Health Passion Club today

Our passion is to make people happy, and we do that by promoting better health. You, our customer, is what we live for. That you are happy is what is important for us, that is how the world becomes a better place, day by day, person by person. That is what we believe in and that is what we stand for.