Do you want to live in harmony with your mind, body and nature? Do you want to make a positive impact on environmental issues? Do you feel sorry about billions of living creatures being killed every single day? You just have to change your food preferences.

Today you will find out 21 reasons to go vegan that will put your doubts aside.
21 reasons why you would like a vegan diet
  1. Compassion for the living creatures.
    When we grow animals for slaughter, we do not perceive them as living beings. We forget that every pig, cow or hen have their own very real emotions and fears. Animals are kept in terrible conditions; some of them do not have a chance to even see the sunlight.
    Have you ever visited a slaughterhouse? Thousands of innocent creatures are waiting in the line to be killed. And the way they are getting killed is no humane at all. It is inconceivable that we put a human in such conditions, but we do put the animals. We can’t call ourselves “intelligent” unless we have a bit of empathy to our little friends.
  2. Health comes first
    Animal products are undoubtedly extremely nutritious, but at the same time dangerous. Insufficient heat treatment of meat causes diseases of the digestive system; hormones in farm meat affect internal organs and so on. You have to switch to fresh greenies to keep your health up
  3. Think about the environment
    Factory agriculture is a major contributor to environmental issues around the world. Can you imagine how many animals are being killed just to meet our daily needs? How much food do they need? Deforestation in the world is carried out to obtain more pastures which leads to the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere.
  4. Save the natural resources
    It’s not just the forest that’s endangered. Livestock farming for its normal function requires huge amount of energy. Mostly we use non-renewable energy sources, like coal, natural gas and oil. Since we don’t take it serious, in a few years we will significantly reduce our resources.
  5. Save on your diet
    It is simple. Fresh fruits groceries and seeds are cheaper than meat and easier to store. You can gradually increase your savings and use them more productively.
  6. Get rid of extra pounds
    Fat is not an absolute evil, it is necessary for our body. However, even a small excess of fat can affect your body. The products with the highest fat content are bacon, butter, sausages and dairy products. None of them suit to a vegan diet. The healthy fats can be found in most vegetable oils, seeds, beans and some nuts. They maintain the integrity of the cell membranes, help the endocrine system, improve the strength and elasticity of blood vessels, participate in the regulation of metabolism and blood formation.
  7. Stay safe from the parasites.
    All the parasites that live in the animal migrate to your body. Some of them are harmless, the other deadly dangerous. Every time you swallow a piece of meat you put your digestion system at a huge risk.
  8. Improve your digestion
    A huge problem in modern society is obesity. Mostly, it develops as a result of improper nutrition. Our digestive system does not cope with a huge load and begins to malfunction. The best way to cleanse our intestines is to start eating plant fiber. Fiber stimulates the work of internal organs and guarantees a positive result
  9. Cholesterol is your enemy
    Hormonal disorders and bad nutrition lead to the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood. The excess cholesterol, in turn, leads to an increased risk of heart diseases. Animal-based and dairy products contain the maximum level of cholesterol, but it is not found in plant products.
  10. Quality of life and active ageing
    Have you ever dreamt of finding an elixir of eternal youth? It seems like vegans have already found it. Plant-based food cleanses the body of toxins and literally rejuvenates your skin.
  11. Live long and prosper
    Just compare the average lifespan of carnivores and herbivores. It is 10-15 years for a lion versus 50-70 for an elephant. So who do you want to be?
  12. Charge yourself up
    Fat, sweet, or too salty dishes can easily add extra pounds, but at the same time deprive us of vitality. Our body spends almost all the energy obtained from such heavy food on its digestion.
  13. Encourage the others
    Veganism is not just a diet, it is a lifestyle. The ideas of careful attitude to the nature are worth spreading. The more people follow a plant-based diet, the cleaner the planet will be.
  14. Help to clean the water
    Did you know that producing just one pound of beef requires nearly 1800 gallons of water? Eating plant foods for one year saves more water than if you give up the shower for a whole year. Animals in agriculture consume tons of water and grain, which must be grown using even more water.
  15. Make our forests deep again.
    Most of the world’s rainforests are being destroyed for grazing and growing crops for animal feed. We destroy the homes of numerous animal and plant species.
  16. Rejuvenate your skin
    Vitamins such as A and E (found in vegetables), as well as nuts, affect our skin. Therefore, vegans always have healthy skin. Many people who switched to a vegan diet noticed that acne began to appear much less frequently.
  17. Take care of your hair.
    Thanks to a plant-based diet, your hair becomes stronger, thicker and healthier. This is caused by trace elements found in plant foods.
  18. It’s time for a manicure.
    A vegan diet also helps strengthen nails. Keep in mind, that healthy nails tell about its healthy owner.
  19. Stop your seasonal sneezing.
    Meat and dairy products contribute to the accumulation of toxins in the body which cause an allergic reaction. By switching to veganism, you will almost immediately notice how the symptoms of allergies decrease, and over time, you can get rid of them completely.
  20. Hormones
    On farms, animals are fed hormones that accelerate their growth and increase muscle mass. When you eat meat, you also consume the hormones that animals ate with it.
  21. Hang out with your new vegan buddies.
    The vegan community is very friendly and open. Wherever you are, you will always find a soulmate.