Proper nutrition is an essential part of leading a healthy lifestyle. And a vegan diet is one way to eat properly. Many celebrities would prefer a fresh salad to fried chicken and soy milk to regular one. Today, we will introduce you to the stars, who excluded animal based food from their diet.

1. Jennifer Lopez. Few years ago J Lo has already tried to change her food preferences, following Marco Borges 22-day vegan meal plan. Now it seems that the decision has been made. “I’ve got to tell you, I enjoy it. I enjoy eating that way. The only thing I miss – is butter” – said Jennifer.

2. Beyoncé. Is it possible to get fit in just a month and a half? Definitely yes! 44 days before the Coachella, Beyonce challenged herself to stick to a strict vegan diet. And that really worked! She looked gorgeous, felt great and even stated that from time to time she would give up animal products to cleanse her body.

3. Bill Clinton. Sometimes even the most avid meat-eaters change their habits. Bill Clinton, for instance, was a vivid example of a fast food lover until he was diagnosed with a heart disease. Ever since his first vascular bypass surgery, he switched to a vegan diet. According to Clinton, he has already lost more than 30 pounds of weight, and also began to feel much better physically and mentally.

4. Ellen DeGeneres. A well-known comedian, talk show host and 11-times Emmy Award winner invites her fans to try a vegan diet. Ellen switched to a plant-based diet in 2008, after reading several books about animal rights. The celebrity often mentions the animal welfare issue at her show and insists on stopping the dog races and trophy hunting. By the way, her spouse is completely on her side. Together, they are developing their own diet and dream of opening a restaurant with a plant-based menu.

5. Meghan Markle. The first ever vegan member of the Royal Family is no longer the only one. The Duchess of Sussex managed to convince her husband, Prince Harry, to follow her example. The couple practices yoga and refuses animal products. They even painted the nursery for their firstborn with special vegan paint. But the recent interview with Michelle Obama revealed that the Meghan’s diet is not 100% plant-based. In fact, she is probably better described as a flexitarian.

6. Mike Tyson. It is hard to believe, but the boxer, who bit off his opponent’s ear during a boxing match, is a true vegan. In 2009, Mike was completely off-track: years of drugs and alcohol addiction, untimely demise of his beloved daughter could have led to a breakdown later on. But Tyson decided to take a different path. He followed his wife’s eating habits, so step by step he was able to exclude meat, eggs and dairy products of his daily ration. Overall, Mike has lost over 100 pounds of fat and brought his body back to the healthy fit.

7. Natalie Portman. Natalie was one of the vegetarians who didn’t flaunt their preferences. At a very early age she started to live meat-free and only eight years ago she became a committed vegan. Now the actress is promoting the campaign to reduce animal consumption. And unlike most others, Portman doesn’t waste her breath, calling on her fans just to stop eating meat. She suggests to exclude animal-based products gradually, one meal at a time. This is a good advice for those who are not ready to give up their usual dishes once and for all. Even a small contribution from everyone can affect the global meat consumption and make a positive impact on the environment, says Natalie.

8. Al Gore. It wasn’t a surprise, when seven years ago an ardent conservationist and U.S. political activist Al Gore announced that he had become vegan. An author of An Inconvenient Truth claims that growing animals for food makes more harm to the atmosphere than all the forms of transportation combined. Also, Albert admitted that he had decided to try vegan diet just for the sake of experiment, but soon after the first results, he continued eating plant-based products.

9. Jay Z. The American well-known rapper and businessman, who recently made his first billion dollars, had recently made his second investment in a vegan food brand. His contribution to promoting the idea of healthy nutrition is not measured only in investment. With the help of a well-known nutrition specialist and his wife, he developed plant –based diet, which makes it easier to start living meat-free.

10. Pamela Anderson. Canadian-American actress Pamela Anderson has been vegetarian since the day she found a headless dear that her father brought back from hunting. Now she is an outspoken vegan. Pamela is famous for the collaboration with PETA on animal rights campaign, showing that just like humans animals are made of flesh and may have emotions and unique personalities. She also believes in a positive impact of veganism on your sexual life. “Being vegan is an aphrodisiac diet» – says Pamela.

11. Mayim Bialik. Our beloved nerdy neurobiologist from The Big Bang Theory is also a vegan cook! Together with her family pediatrician she published a cookbook “Mayim’s Vegan Table”, which includes over 100 kitchen-tested recipes. Two years ago Bialik teamed up with a longtime friend and chef Ali Cruddas in the fast casual vegan and kosher eatery. Now she knows everything about healthy nutrition and is ready to share her ideas.

12. Stevie Wonder. More than four years ago Stevie Wonder commented on the reasons of becoming a vegan. According to the famous musician, the change in his food preferences helped him to promote environmental-friendly living. 69-years old Wonder said that he had been a vegan for several years, and that had helped his already good-looking self. He notes, that his mission is to encourage others to switch to a vegan diet as well. Stevie is very honest about how he misses chicken, but always tries to find a good replacement to it.