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Get World-Class Omega-3 from Health Passion Club

Outstanding absorption, vegan, environmentally friendly and better taste.
Sustainably farmed makes it clean without ocean pollution.
Better for you and better for the ocean life.

What is Rich in Omega 3?

When it comes to essential nutrients, everyone should be catered for and the best way to do this is to create an all-natural product that is friendly to most dietary restrictions. Health Passion Club has created a product that meets that exact criterion and more.


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  • 100% Vegan
  • 100% Plant Based
  • 100% Algae

Free From Ocean Pollution

  • 0% Ocean Pollution
  • 0% Ocean Toxins
  • 0% Ocean Metals

Save The Ocean Environment

  • No Commercial Fishing
  • No Harm To The Ocean
  • Yes, Ecological Harmony

Rich in omega-3 is a type of algal omega-3 supplement that is made by Health Passion Club. Unlike many other products on the market, it is made from algae, not fish.
It is made from farm-grown algae, the algae are grown in a strictly controlled environment to make sure that it is free from any contamination. Ocean water has become polluted over the years, and some of these chemicals that are now found in the ocean can be transferred to the algae in the ocean.